The Bay are take Over

The Bay are take Over

The music Industry of all times

The Iconic Way the 80s Changed Music

Musical trends have brought us spunky dances and sensational sounds. From the Charleston to the Mashed Potato we have bopped our way across the dance floor. What began as a jazzy beat led us to the swift swinging days of the Fifties. With a few kicks and changes, Music adapted to the political climate of the era. Rallies and protests marked a different tune during a time that peace, love and war drew dividing lines in the industry. An edgier tone added different platforms for bands to play on. The Sixties merged with the Seventies adding a collaboration of Rock and Roll, Disco boogies and the pop patterns of old.  Decades of Music evolved as we entered into the Iconic 80’s. As the world readied for the next level of trend setting songs and style, it was impossible to predict the impact the Eighties would have on the music Industry.

Iconic Eighties

An infusion of Disco ball themes and retro rhythms were a staple of the earliest eighties radio. What seemed like the passing of mere minutes, the culture of Music transcended down a new path. There was a new sense of freedom that circled the seasons. This opened the creative door allowing for self-expression to take a fresh and funky turn. Musicians threw caution behind them bringing Pop and Rock sensations to the show. Bell bottoms were replaced with leggings and electric colors to match the new spirit of the setting. With their new found freedom, lyrics and music depicted the layers of emotions. We saw a surge in topics from love and lust to all out frustrations being echoed through the songs.

The Eighties brought diversity to a quieter society. An emergence of Punk, Pop and Hard Rock took a stand alongside the beginning of Break dancing hits. The evolution of Rap started in the Eighties which brought balance to the entire decade of Ballads that were produced. Prior to the Eighties, grand stands and bands were set to dancing and a show of musical talents. With a pronounced intention, Artists turned music into an Art form which created the Icons that changed music history. The Moon Walk was born, Madonna set the pace and Hair Bands Rocked the stage.

A Decade of Icons

Artists such as Prince, George Michael and Bon Jovi gained a reputation for record setting popularity. The Eighties also developed a surge of Girl Bands and Female Artists that had an energetic vibe. Lisa Lisa, the Go-Gos, Whitney Houston and Cyndi Lauper showed their true colors and made it their business to top the charts. They paved the way for future Musicians to step safely out of the safety zone.

Michael Jackson and Madonna were perhaps the two most influential Icons to hit the Music Industry in the Eighties. They led the journey of breaking the boundaries while being ranked as Musical Idols and Genius Entertainers. It is fitting they are still known as the King and Queen of Pop today.