The Bay are take Over

The Bay are take Over

The music Industry of all times

The Idols of Our Idols

In school, we have all had to write a paper depicting who our idol was at that time. The infamous page where we detailed the courage of our heroes, what they looked like and why we want to be just like them one day. Some chose a president or sports figure while others may have written about their parents and teachers.

Musicians also have cornered a large percentage of the reports as they brilliantly captivated our attention. The music and dance moves of a particular two favorites have influenced many to develop their own style bringing the next generation of talent to the proverbial stage. It is safe to assume Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley also had those they looked up to. Without knowing what their future held, these two artists kept a part of their past and inspired pieces to create an impression on the world. Without further ado, lets take a look at the Idols of the famous pair for an inside peek at the path they took to greatness.

Michael Jackson

The walk on the moon altered history forever while ironically most would say the moonwalk made a permanent stamp in music history. He was renowned for his smooth moves, hypnotic singing and being a world class performer. Jackson continues to be a legacy in the industry with a large fan base and millions of admirers. Growing up, Michael enjoyed the sounds of Motown while appreciating the classic views of music and movies. His deep respect for Fred Astaire is evident in his classy appeal and dance style. Sammy Davis Jr., James Brown, Mavis Staples and Jackie Wilson were huge contributors to Jacksons songs and ways on the stage. He enjoyed the musings of Charlie Chaplin and tributes his famous Moonwalk dance to the one and only Marcel Marceau.

Elvis Presley

Elvis continues to be an immeasurable influence on the music world. He set a hip shaking precedence that paved the way for the future of music and dance. It is perhaps the most important to note the role Gospel Music played in the life of Elvis. Southern home gospel was an integral part of his heart that stayed with him throughout his years. With the bluesy jazz tempo of gospel, he enjoyed traditional blues that had a vibe from the hills. Mainstream country songs that played on the radio spoke to Elvis on a soulful level. Walking to the beat of his own drum, he began to gain his own unique take on style. He wasn’t always accepted in school for his love of what was called “race music” and found himself teetering on being bullied for his music. Once he was paired with a guitar and the freedom to express himself in front of audiences, he began his claim to legendary fame. Jake Hess, Ernest Tubb, Bob Wills and Hank Snow were a few of Elvis Presley’s favored artists that helped Elvis shape Rock and Roll.

Imitation is one of the greatest forms of flattery. It is fitting the King of Pop and the King of Rock are at the top of the Musical Idol charts. Appreciating their talents and inspirations help us to see the beginning of their decent in history.