The Bay are take Over

The Bay are take Over

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The Stage Name Secrets of a Musician

Musicians strive to make a name for themselves and become one of the greats. Several decades ago, the use of stage names became popular for artists. It seems like the common sense reason for an alias stands behind the safety of a music star.

While stars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Rhianna have kept their names true to self, there are many who have completely changed their identity. A mix and mash of their real names are alongside those who choose names that seem to have no rhyme or resemblance. Stage Names provide a barrier between their home life and on-stage personality. Whether you are adding Rock, Pop or Rap to your playlist, it is likely the Artists name is not on their birth certificate. Another reason a star portrays a different name falls under the if the shoe fits category. When your style is raging thunder but your name screams taped glasses, you have to change it up a bit to be successful.

Judy Garland

Forever known as Dorothy, Judy Garlands real name went a step beyond unglamorous. Frances Ethel Gumm had a tremendous amount of talent, yet it was felt she would not make it far as Frances Gumm. Howard Hoagland was an all-around musician whose hit list consist of a song named Judy. There are several theories where Garland was concerned, however we do know this began her yellow brick road to stardom.


We know this artist to be a strong woman with a modern-day fame. Her songs speak to various age groups and are able to bring you from feeling exhilarated to getting in touch with the softer side of music. In the real world, she is called Alecia Moore with a long-time resonation with Pink. Her image doesn’t quite denote a love for soft pinks, however when she was younger her face would blush an easy pink hue. Kids would call out her rosy shade which continued as she was older for a different reason. Reservoir Dogs own Mr. Pink was a reminder of the sarcastic savvy artist we know and love. It seemed only fitting she would adapt Pink as her spotlight name. 


Even non-rap fans know the name Eminem and have perhaps pondered the origination. Marshall Mathers put his name out there for everyone to know, yet continues to keep Eminem as his primary on stage. Fans have speculated many thoughts on the topic from candy to a childhood name. The simplicity of the reasoning is clear once you hear it. Marshall Mathers … M&M was changed to Eminem to not be confused with the popular candy.



The soothing hypnotic sounds of Enya are magical in their own right. The one with nature musician is Eithne Ni Bhraonain. Her first name is pronounced as Enya which prompted her to cleverly change it to the pronunciation versus confusing fans. Her name has two meanings depending on the region. Little Seed and Little Fire of which suits her style well.