The Bay are take Over

The Bay are take Over

The music Industry of all times

Why people love 80s music

Music of the 80’s is music that people will remember for a lifetime. When compared to today’s music, there really is no comparison. Music from the 80’s had meaning and wasn’t just a bunch of words being sung or rapped that no one could understand. Back in the 80’s, rock and roll was really heavy, and this was the time period when black music went mainstream, and artists such as Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, and Prince really gained exposure. The 80’s are known for music being created by bands. There were several huge bands back then, such as Aerosmith, BonJovi, Run DMC, and Kiss, just to name a few. Today, everyone is a solo artist, there aren’t many great bands out there creating good music. Eighties music is just good, fun music to listen to that many people love and here’s why.

The Music Spoke to You

Back in the 1980’s, the music that was created actually meant something. It wasn’t just a bunch of lyrics that didn’t mean anything. The music really resonated and spoke to the listener which is why 80’s music has such a lasting impact on people. Also, there were no smartphones and laptops to watch or record performances. If you wanted to see a live performance, you had to attend the show and that really made for an unforgettable experience between the artist and fan.

It’s a Guilty Pleasure

When you hear 80’s music, you can’t help but dance, sing along or simply reminisce about old times. Even children and teens of parents who grew up listening to 80’s music can attest to hearing certain songs from back in the day and singing along. The young people who are familiar with 80’s music can actually relate to it and get excited when they hear such music on some of their favorite movies and tv shows from this era. Whether you grew up in the 80’s, heard 80’s music in commercials or movies, or you just remember artists from that time period, you have a certain love and respect for the music back then. It’s inevitable.

Classic Movies

All of the classic movies feature 80’s music and when you watch, you know all of the songs. Classic movies will never go out of style and when you watch movies such as Back To The Future, Can’t Buy My Love, Top Gun, Adventures Of Babysitting, Police Academy, Mannequin, Risky Business, The Breakfast Club and more, it’s nothing but nostalgia. This is just one of the reasons why 80’s music will always be a favorite for many.

Music Actually Had to Be Good

Back in the 80’s, the music industry was completely different and artists were still largely ran by their record label. This was kind of bittersweet. On one hand, bands were signed to make money, and all the conversations by A&R people sitting around boardroom tables inevitably came down to whether or not the record would sell. On the other hand, A&R people still wanted to sign great artists. They wanted to find massive talents who would have huge careers, they were looking for those people who would end up changing the music game forever, and that is what happened back then, which is why 80’s music is so loved. Today, anybody with a cell phone and Youtube channel can potentially get signed, and that speaks volumes.

80’s Music = Nostalgia

No Other Music Can Compare

When it comes down to it, no other music can compare to 80’s music and that is because everyone is familiar with this type of music. Eighties hits haven’t stopped being played on the radio ever since the music first came out. You can listen to songs from the 80’s and read into the euphemisms and understand what the songs are really about, which makes it all the more relatable to everyone’s experiences in real life. Eighties music was basically in a comfortable range for almost everyone and will more than likely always be remembered.

People still enjoy good old 80’s music. Where I come from, we grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Madonna and The Rolling Stones. Even though music has changed dramatically over the years, the music by those artists are still very popular. My friends, family, and I throw on 80’s hits all of the time. We play 80’s music at our get-togethers, at events, and pretty much anytime that we want to feel good. I love listening to this type of music when I am in my zone and playing online at or because it helps me to really focus on the games. It’s just something about 80’s music, no one can listen to it and not reminisce. Eighties music has been around for decades and will remain popular all over the world for many more years to come.